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Classes for Kids & Teens

sewnow! classes are on hiatus during Shelter In Place. We will honor all missed classes as soon as we are able. 

sewnow! fashion studio offers unique Classes in fashion design and sewing that make learning to sew fun and straight forward. Our Juniors curriculum is especially developed for second and third graders, and our Core FashionKit curriculum is fabulous for those in 4th grade and up.

Here's what makes sewnow! classes unique:

a fun, energetic and friendly atmosphere that's welcoming to novices and experts

  • Personalized instruction with a low instructor : student ratio - usually 1:7 or less
  • Clothes that fit - we use FashionKit amazing patterns in all our garment classes
  • A fashion focus - we integrate fashion design and sewing instruction
  • Commercial techniques - we teach efficient cutting and assembly methods used in industry
  • Embroidery - each class includes custom machine embroidery to personalize your projects
  • Optimized curriculum - after thousands of students we've fine-tuned the best way to teach
  • Guaranteed results - we guarantee that your projects will turn out great and they will fit!
What Class should I register for?

2nd and 3rd graders:

Juniors learning to pin.

Our Juniors one-hour programming is specifically designed for smaller hands, developing fine motor sewing skills and builds confidence while having fun. Instructors demonstrate all skills and encourage 'making it by yourself', but readily offer 'sewing fairy' support if and when pinning, threading, or ironing seem overwhelming.

  • Beginners who have never sewn on their own before and are in 2nd or 3rd grade should register for Juniors' 100.
  • Intermediate beginners who have learned the foundation sewing machine skills in Juniors' 100 will enjoy taking our different project-based 200 classes. 200 classes build upon emerging foundation skills and reinforce technique while completing fun projects.
Register for Juniors' Classes

    4th grade and up:

    4th grade and up FashionKit students

    Our FashionKit 1.5 hour garment-focussed core program is a mixed-age environment suitable for 4th graders through high school. Students are taught how to start with their own concept sketch, are then guided through doing all tasks including threading and operating the sewing machine and iron on their own, laying and cutting out from a paper pattern in their size, following FashionKit pattern instructions, and completing fabulous clothes they will be proud to wear. All patterns and supplies are included and students have fun picking from our wall of curated fabrics in the sewnow! Pro Shop.
    • Absolute beginners and those with just a little experience will be successful starting with our FashionKit 'Learn-to-sew' 101 program. In this mixed age environment, students complete their own projects from beginning to end and will learn to use the sewing machine, serger, and iron.
    • FashionKit 'Level Up' 201 series classes are suitable for those with FK101 foundation skills who would like to complete FashionKit projects in an instructor-led small group setting. It's the perfect next step to prepare you for independence following instructions needed to enjoy FashionClub. Don't hesitate to check in with us if you are wondering which class is the best next step for you after FK101.
    • Once you have mastered sewing machine and serger foundation skills, using instructions on your own, and have completed several intermediate level projects, FashionClub is perfect for you to explore your passion for designing and making your own customized FashionKit wardrobe.

    Register for FashionKit Classes

    sewnow! Class Makeup Policy

    We understand that is it sometimes not possible for students to attend every class in a session, and we do our best to offer make-up classes when we are able. If you know in advance that your child will miss more than 2 classes in a 7-week session, we recommend waiting for a future session so they can benefit from the continuity and skill building essential for long-term success.

    If your child is ill on the day of class, please call or email within 24hours of the missed class and we will arrange for complimentary make up class. For all other absences, or if we don't hear from you after an illness absence, the makeup policy below will be in effect.

    Class Makeup Options: 

    • Easy Make Up - Free. If we have 7 days notice and can arrange for you to join another class time slot or a FashionClub session, there is no charge.
    • If it is not possible for us to mutually schedule a makeup, or we don’t hear from you after a missed session, our instructors will catch your student’s project up prior to the next class. There is no charge for instructor catch up.
    • Basic Make Up - $20. If you have given us less than 7 days notice, or we need to arrange for an instructor to provide a "mini lesson" to make up the class, there is a $20 Make-Up Fee.
    • Full Make Up (Private Lesson) - $45/hr. If you have given us no notice (i.e.we have had staff on hand and equipment allocated but the student does not show up) or we need to arrange for substantial one-on-one instructor time to teach a full lesson with substantial instructional content, we will discount our private lesson rate of $65/hr to $45/hr.
    Thanks for your attention and compliance - we appreciate it!