Goodbye, We Love You, Keep on Sewing!

Sketch and Sew at Home January Supply Bundle

Each month:

  • Digital Instructions for 3 sewing projects - sew and view anytime - 3 releases/month
  • Bonus materials for 4th 'Free Design' Challenge project - 1 release / month
  • Digital instructions for sketching projects - view anytime - 1 release/week
  • Tuesday 4pm PST live optional instructor mini-lesson and sew and tell Zoom 
  • Active members access entire SASAH library of tutorials 24/7
  • Supply box of premium fabric, art supplies, and notions included
  • +Extra cool stuff so you can experiment and grow creatively
  • More meeting times and days will be added as our community grows!

The Sketch and Sew at home monthly program includes a physical project box of supplies and goodies, an optional weekly Zoom instructor mini lesson/Sew and Tell meeting, access to our entire digital library of SASAH instructions, and lots of inspiration! We will release one sewing project project each week and several sketching tutorials and challenges. A great way to connect each week with your online sewing buddies if you like. Sketch and Sew supply boxes provide premium materials and notions to make projects featured in the video lessons + extra fabric and notions so you can experiment.

SASAH is great for kids and teens 3rd grade and up who have a sewing machine at home and know how to thread and operate it.

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